About Us

Step 1:

Wear a badge

Step 2:

Be approached by people who notice the badge

Step 3:

Talk to them. Share your stories

Tales of Man is a movement as powerful as it is simple. It aims to break down the labels and tags through which we see each other, and allow conversation simply based on sharing a common humanity.

Wear one of our green man badges and commit 10 minutes of your day to being open about what's going on in your world.

The premise is to tear down cultural, social, political barriers and connect people on a human level. The badge will have no affiliation to any group, sect or anything else.

What's next?

Our site allow you to get your hands on our green man badges and t-shirts so you can start connecting with the world!

You will also be able to create your own storybook to upload your stories and connect with other green men globally.

Join the movement!

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